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20 Exponents! Comment Below. You can do the expanded form in the comments.!

 2 to the 4th power                                                   Example of an expanded form : 2 to the 3rd power = 2x2x2=8

 6 to the 8th power                                                   Example of a Non Expanded form : 53   =  5x5x5=125

 5 to the 4th power 

 2 to the 6th power

 7 to the 3rd power

 8 to the 9th power

 2 to the 8th power

5 to the 2nd power

 9 to the 3rd power

6 to the 7th power

 6 to the 4th power

 10 to the 6th power

 5 to the 3rd power

 7 to the 4th power

 4 to the 3rd power

 6 to the 3rd power

 5 to the 3rd power

5 to the 5th power

10 to the 15th power

Which star is the Closest to our Sun

A: Gliese 412

B: Proxima Centauri

C: Trappist 1

D: LHS 288

Which Trappist Planet Will You Live On

A: Trappist 1 B

B: Trappist 1 E

1 Word Problem And 1 exponent

On the farm, there are twenty-two chickens. Five of them are roosters. How many of them are hens? Which equation will you use to solve this problem? Please leave a comment. 

What is 19 to the 5th power. Also, please write this in the expanded form. Leave a comment. I will give my answer tomorrow.


about the first 3 star wars movies

Episode 1( the phantom menace) about anikan becoming a Jedi padawan

Episode 2( attack of the clones) about anikan marrying Padme

Episode 3( revenge of the sith( anikan not becoming a master and turning to dark side )

blog post about the story of rennor

                                  Rennor is a jedi, He turned to the dark side. he was tricked by Palpatine to join to save evreyone. Just like Darth Vader, he killed Palpatine. 

The Sideyard Dirt Path

The Sideyard dirt path is along the side of our house. I ride my dirt bike there when it is raining because it gets muddy. I like to ride in the mud and rain.